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Real Time

  • Quick, digestible suggestions

  • Actionable no matter time constraints or location

  • Emphasis on quickly resetting your mind and body 

  • Majority of activities are "sweatless" and easily executed



  • Full fitness program based on your interests

  • Adaptive to you -- your schedule, interests, ability, goals, and even physical limitations

  • Cardio and Resistance

  • Emphasis on enjoying the journey and establishing a lifestyle habit




Real Time

  • Personalized activity suggestions based on your interests

  • Efficiently organize outings with friends

  • Make new friends

  • Join group events seamlessly 


  • Build community 

  • Emphasis on connection over just socializing 

  • Establish accountability and social support structures

  • Emphasis on "join me if you'd like" vs. "let's go do this, but if you don't go, I won't either"


Performance Psychology


Real Time

  • Helpful quotes, insights, and recommendations that resonate with your personality.

  • Videos and articles to help catalyze action

  • On-demand access; short and sweet content with minimal fluff to be referenced at any time


  • Habit formation and psychological tricks to keep you on track

  • Resources and structure for continuous self-growth

  • Guidance for your individual vision and goals

Provider Dashboard

(Coming Soon)

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