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Aypex Challenge

28 Days. 28 Small Steps. 
Here's an idea of what to expect.
When you buy the presale, you will receive an email with a PDF containing all the info, actions, and guidance. 

The 5 Why's

The 5 Why's

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Get clarity on what you're striving for. The 5 Why's were developed by the founder of Toyota, Sakichi Toyota. If you're not already familiar, the name says it all--ask a "why" question to start, and then do it 4 more times to get down to the root of your motivation (or problem). This is the starting point of the challenge.

28 Days. 28 Activities.

The 5 Why's sets you up for going into the challenge prepared and clear on the direction you want to be heading by day 28. Each day, you are given a small action or activity--Simple, Achievable, Fast. They're quick yet impactful with a general goal of helping build a habit and give you a tiny taste of the path you and Aypex are on. 





Text a friend who you haven’t talked with in at least 6 months. 

Socialization and taking action.


10 minute walk. 

Movement, presence, reflection. 




With You Every Step

Guiding Question


Reason and Impact


Email with PDF is sent immediately after presale, but we hope to support you through the full challenge. You'll receive a message each week with 1.) Weekly guiding question. 2.) Weekly activity summary 3.) The why behind the action 4.) A postable video template to share (this increases accountability, and yes, it also helps us market). If you don't want to rely on public accountability during the challenge, we highly recommend private accountability-- telling a friend or family member and asking them to check in on your progress. It's simple and highly effective!

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